2 IN 4 OUT Distribution Amplifier

Price: 19.50


Labgear DigiLink LDL204

2 Input 4 output Distribution Amplifier

IR Pass for Sky Magic Eye Remote Control


These fully screened 4 way TV and FM/DAB amplifiers are fully compatible with Infra Red Magic Eye remote Control systems. This makes them ideal for use in digital satellite home installations, where the output from a digibox can be distributed to several rooms with the capability for full remote control of the digibox in these rooms. The addition of a number of Infra Red Magic Eyes in the relevant rooms completes the installation. Please note that rooms without a Magic Eye will still be able to view the output of the digibox but wont have any control. 

Separate inputs are provided for UHF TV (470-790 MHz) and for FM/DAB (47-230 MHz). Remote capability is provided over a 5-15 MHz RF return path. All amplifier outputs are line powered at 9V DC to supply remote infra-red receivers. The line power at any output(s) can be short-circuited safely without affecting the operation of any other output(s). 

Also suitable for direct amplification of digital terrestrial TV (Freeview) signals and the UHF input can be connected directly to a UHF antenna instead of a satellite receiver. When connected directly to a UHF aerial a built in filter removes any signals from Lte 800 4G mobile phone transmitters picked up by the attached aerial.


Applications include:

  • Simple multipoint distribution of radio and TV signals, without remote control. This will allow quick and easy addition of an infra red IR control at a later date.
  • Use in conjunction with a Sky Digibox or other unit with an IR-return enabled RF output. An Infra Red Magic Eye will be required for each room from which remote control is needed (because the digibox can decode the IR return signals directly, this application does not require any base unit or IR re-emitters).

NOTE: With the new SKY box which is not fitted with an RF2 socket you will need an I/O link to distribute the signal from your box to other TV's. See our LABLINK I/O LINK.

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